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Band Profile
Name: Yamashita Tōru (山下 亨)
Instagram: toru_10969
Name: Morita Takahiro (森田 貴寬)
Instagram: 10969taka
Name: Kohama Ryōta (小浜 良太)
Instagram: ryota_0809
Name: Kanki Tomoya (神吉 智也)
Instagram: tomo_10969
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Officially announce the release of ONE OK ROCK’s documentary movie “FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM”!
Why do they arouse enthusiasm in Japanese audiences? How can they attract audiences from all over the world? Here is the answer –
The full-scale music documentary movie “FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM” will have a limited three-week theatrical run in Japan from Friday, May 16.


Comment from the director Hiroyuki Nakano

Reality is greater than comics.

When I got into music comic series called “BECK” and read them from cover to cover, I thought it captured a sense/feeling of young band members who were strongly influenced by music so well and at the same time it made me feel the music is great. I hoped one day a Japanese band is embraced in overseas with their music.

And now, it becomes true and is happening in front of me in greater scale. A fan of ONE OK ROCK communicates each other through facebook and builds their own network each their country all over the world. This phenomenon is beyond my imagination.

Devoted fans made lines from two days ahead of the actual performance date in Paris, which circled around the main street of Montmartre.

This phenomenon could be seen in Europe and Asia too. Their fans lined up from a day before the live, who met music of the band through internet and studied songs and lyrics hard by watching footages. Every fan could sing their songs even in Japanese.

And then, here you go. The band showed the hottest and off the charts performance at live houses of the world. We had filmed their days with full of sweat, tears and emotions along with audiences for over two months all over the world.

“We can connect through music”
Taka said it during MC and I am very pleased to witness that universal truth.

I wanted to create the super coolest and foolish documentary which condenses the present of ONE OK ROCK, recklessly shooting with a handheld camera at all lives at the end.

The front row is not only the front of rock but a ditch between love of fans and love of the band. The roar of the audiences I come under in the front row still remains my ear. And Taka’s roar”Ah——-” is unforgettable as well.

Fool is cool.

This is the coolest among others – because it is the rock.

Hiroyuki Nakano, Director
March 19, 2014


Hiroyuki Nakano & ONE OK ROCK Interview