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Band Profile
Name: Yamashita Tōru (山下 亨)
Instagram: toru_10969
Name: Morita Takahiro (森田 貴寬)
Instagram: 10969taka
Name: Kohama Ryōta (小浜 良太)
Instagram: ryota_0809
Name: Kanki Tomoya (神吉 智也)
Instagram: tomo_10969
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Welcome to Keep it Real :: Your ONE OK ROCK Fansite for OORer around the world! We offer you a Gallery, Forum, Multimedia, Downloads and much more. Enjoy your stay on our site ♥

Your Keep it Real Staff
Audio Files

Happy Easter OORer!!

The “Keep it Real” Staff wishes you a happy Easter!


Site News:

★ Uploading the new Layout
★ Announcing the next Fan of the Week
★ Officially welcoming our newest Team Member Marge. She is our japanese translator! Thank you so much for helping us!  Informations and contact details are under the link 

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